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Okay, let’s get down to it! It’s an extra MERRY CHRISTMAS for one GHOST PHONE ticket holder. The winning ticket stub for one lucky attendee to GHOST PHONE is 36005573. I’m not sure yet which movie theatre this ticket ties into? I’m hoping Mitchell Theatre’s has a code on these numbers which will tell us.
WinningTicket 5-Acres

If you have the matching ticket stub please contact us through our website so we can verify the ticket and start drawing up the deed to your new piece of land in Taos, NM!!!

So, thank you one and all who saw GHOST PHONE. I’m looking forward to meeting our new neighbor up on Cerro Montoso in the Filmmaker’s Colony. Take a look at our previous blog if you’d like to see some movie-goer’s reactions to seeing GHOST PHONE.

Next stop is HBO or SHOWTIME or IFC or SUNDANCE CHANNEL or FX or AMC. One of these channels will be doing the World TV Premier of GHOST PHONE.

GHOST PHONE: A True Story (Part 2)

So as Todd was laying in bed it occurred to him that there was more to this story…Ghost Phone Title His friend of a friend who had received the text messages from the suicide victim was continuing to direct text messages to her lost friend. Of course her phone would inform her that the texts could not go through and he did not respond. Despite this, she felt her replies did somehow make it across the great divide and to this day she continues to communicate with her dead friend. Perhaps as therapy or perhaps she’s channeling a continuation of their friendship through the ether of time. Just an ongoing open line on the Ghost Phone.
Let me ask you, if you had an opportunity for one phone call with a dead person, who would it be? This is also the theme of one of my previous screenplays yet to be produced, entitled, EDISON’S ELECTRICAL ELEPHANT EXPERIMENTS. Edison's Elephant

THE TAOS LAND LIST: Taos Land on Sale this Week Only w/$5,000 DISCOUNT


Okay, back to Land Sales Info. First let’s just list everything and then I’ll wax poetic about each piece.
1) 8 Acre & 10 Acre Lots. Our most popular area is above the John Dunn Bridge on the westside of the Rio Grande Gorge. It’s a three mile stretch right up against the protected buffer zone of the Historic Rio Grande Gorge National Monument. Prices range from $39,000 to $59,000. Here’s the view from one of our 8 acre Lots which has it’s entire north boundary up against the protected National Monument Land.
Lot A Berner

2) CERRO MONTOSO, is a mountain top we own and is the home of the Taos Talking Pictures Filmmaker’s Colony. I’ll do a more detailed blog on that in a separate listing. But, we have a total of 115 acres left available on top of this beautiful mountain. It’s rugged and tough to get to up the final stretch of about a half mile. We can sell you a 20 acre parcel up there for $39,000. You get to hike around and customize your 20 acres out of the total 115 acres available. Take a look at one of the views below…(it’s impossible to capture all of the various views in one photo.
CM Chiflo Panarama

3) LAMA 11 Acres $78,000…Baba Ram Dass land. We’re got a seasonal spring running across the property in the springtime when we have water in the mountains. Check out the movie OFF THE MAP which was shot up around this land to get a more detailed idea of it’s beauty. For now I’ll paste one photo of Lama below and again I’ll do a more detailed blog in a bitLama Brook

4) SUNSHINE VALLEY 40 Acres…This is our last 40 acres available up against the Rio Grande Gorge on the eastside. The water table is only 90 feet down. More details to follow. Here’s a photo below…
Sunshine Evu MWS

5) CIELITO LINDO 20 to 80 Acres $39,000 to $125,000. This is part of a strawbale home community just up the highway from the Greater World Earthship Community. Eight miles past the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. Here’s a photo below…
Cielito Lindo Sign

6) IN TOWN 1/3 to 3/4 acre Lots. A 1/3 acre lot is $49,000 (Owner Financing $5,000 cash down and $500/month payments). Now we come into town where we have lots on Este Es Road and RubyDu Lane, just down from Rio Grande Ace Hardware. Full utilities at the lot lines. Great Location! And we allow modular homes. Here’s a photo below…
Okay, I’m tired from all this listing stuff, but we have even more. I’ve got a 1/2 acre parcel on the main highway just a 1/4 mile north of the El Prado Post Office behind our Best Price North Storage facility. This would be perfect for someone looking to build a primo office/warehouse facility.
And, I’ve got a 3/4 acre Lot with highway frontage on the main drag to Santa Fe. It’s one mile south of the Ranchos de Taos Post Office and across from the gun/saddle store with the yellow blinking bulbs sign on the highway.
And, one more SPECIAL 40 acres is available above the John Dunn Bridge. We’re asking $129,000 and it has Frontage on the Wild & Scenic River/National Monument land up against the gorge. And, we have a special discount exceeding the $5,000 offer, but you’ve got to be a PLAYER…if you know what I mean…So, here’s the last photo for this blog…
Rd to DunnBridgeEdgell-WS-BigMnt
SO, CALL JEFF @ 575-770-2685

The Legend of Taos Mountain: Mumford & Sons Concert Inspires Taos Land Promotion

They say our little town of Taos is going to be inundated with 8-10,000 Mumford & Sons fans for their concert here in Kit Carson Park on Thursday, June 6th, 2013. We’re getting all excited here, kinda like when Dorothy showed up in the City of Oz. Munchkin’s running around trying to polish everything up for our new-comer friends to town. Many will be here discovering Taos for the first time.
And so, the Taos Land & Film Company is preparing to offer a few of you Taos-bound devotees a chance to Test the Mountain and take root in our community with your very own piece of land in Taos. So, we’re running a blitz of radio ads on KTAO and LUNA 103.7 over a four day period around the Mumford & Son’s Concert. What we’re offering you Taos virgins is an opportunity to buy a piece of land in Taos and receive a $5,000 discount off the parcel of land of your choice. This same offer will also stand for those of you who already live in Taos but haven’t gotten your own piece of land yet.

You can come to Taos to see Mumford & Sons, but The Mountain will decide if you can stay.

So, before I start babbling about each and every piece of land we have for sale and it’s history, I’d like to invite you to listen to our four different radio ads we’re planning to start running on Wednesday and tell us which one you prefer. Your four choices will be AD #1 delivered by local Taos Legend TODD GRAVELLE; AD #2 will be by my daughter RUBY JACKSON; AD #3 will be performed by one of our local thesbians, RITA O’CONNELL, (perhaps best known for her role as the Scare Crow in our recent theatrical version of The Wizard of Oz); and lastly AD #4 delivered by yours truly, JEFF JACKSON.  You can vote here and leave comments either here or on FACEBOOK.

AD #1: Todd Gravelle

AD #2: Ruby Jackson

AD #3: Rita O’Connell

AD #4: Jeff Jackson

The winning ad voice will receive a pizza and the adoration of the community because we’ll give their ad more play time. I was going to include the text for the radio ad, but I think I’ll just have you listen to them, since each one is slightly different. And please help us pass this on via the virility of FACEBOOK and other social media. And, sign up on our BLOG and maybe I’ll babble more on it.

Give THE Christmas Gift of Land In Taos!!!

Christmas is almost here! For those of you who view the holiday season with cynicism towards the corporate powers-to-be that brainwash us into believing we’ve got to buy, buy, buy stuff & give it to everybody as some sort of ritual gift process while at the same time it feels like some sort of human sacrifice to appease the gods of crass commercialism, well let us rebel.

How you may say do I do that? Well, here’s an idea – why not buy a beautiful parcel of land here in Taos as a gift to your entire family. Let me ask you, all those gifts you’ve bought and received over say the last five years—where are they now? Do you remember what they were? Are you utilizing or enjoying them now? I’ll bet if you’re like me you can’t even remember most of those “gifts”.

IMAGINE Giving your wife/hubby & kids 8 or 10 acres up against the RIO GRANDE GORGE (above the John Dunn Bridge). I will even plant a live Christmas tree on it with solar powered lights on it for your surprise gift. If I have to I will even be the bank if at all possible.

NOW IS THE TIME, after all we’re in the middle of an economic depression and the land prices are as low as they can ever get in yours or your kids life times. I WILL HELP YOU FIGURE OUT HOW YOU CAN PULL THIS FANTASTIC GIFT OFF!

Desperation and fear fuels many of us in these difficult economic times. But, I believe the way out of these depressions (both economic and personal) is through positive, optimistic efforts!

Many of you know me and know that I’ve been developing land within Taos County for the past 23+ years. Now is the time to move towards your hopes and dreams. I’m here to help with that…

I have land ranging from:

    • 1/3 & ½ acre lots here in town for small homes or a modular home.

land on Este Es Road in Taos

    • 20 acre & 80 acre lot(s) within Cielito Lindo Community (just above the big Rio Grande Bridge).

land on Arroyo Hondo Mesa above John Dunn Bridge

    • 8 & 10 acre lots within the Dunn-Eagle Community along the Rio Grande Gorge. We can even find a 40 acre lot for you.

land in Dunn-Eagle above Rio Grand Gorge

    • 20 acre lots atop of the small mountain, CERRO MONTOSA, overlooking the Red River merging with the Rio Grande Gorge. Or, you could buy the whole mountain top (115 acres).

mountain land on Cerro Montoso

    • OFF THE MAP (the movie) Land in Lama, 11 acres with A seasonal spring running across the corner of the land. Surrounded by US Forestry protected land.
    • 40 ACRES in SUNSHINE VALLEY. Up against the eastside of the RIO GRANDE GORGE as the end of Sunshine Road. Water is only 85’ down out there. Perfect for organic farming or put your own micro-observatory out there where there is no light pollution and start documenting the UFO traffic. We could go all the way to 580 acres for you out there.
    • 3 ACRES right on the newly paved West Rim Road west of gorge. Pavement clear to town (20 minutes at speed limit). Gated private driveway. Rare recreational easement in perpetuity to the Rio Grand Gorge rim and West Rim Trail. Access to high speed internet. Quality neighborhood.

Footpath entrance to the Rio Grand Gorge from the West Rim Trail

So, give me a call to brainstorm with you on how to change your life in a positive way…

Jeff 575-770-2685