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Part Two of Detroit Free Press– Living with PBB: Michigan Chemical plant dumped poisons, impacting town for years

It’s hard to believe that the PBB poisoning of the state of Michigan is still going on. Check out the second part of the series in today’s Detroit Free Press. Essentially they’re just now doing the environmental clean-up of the communities saturated with the PBB poison almost 40 years ago. The government continues to drag it’s feet in doing any sort of monitoring of the these contaminations. They basically turn their heads away intentionally from tracking the patterns of cancer epidemics in our culture which could be tracked back to this corporate exploitation of the environment and human health. What we don’t see won’t hurt us they seem to believe. If we just ignore the illnesses and refuse to track down their causes, then it’s just random bad luck if you happen to die of Acute Mylogenous Leukemia at the age of 55 as my sister Jan Burchman did seven years ago in Okemos, Michigan. I would urge you to read both of Robin Erb’s articles from the past two days in the Detroit Free Press (Living with PBB: Michigan Chemical plant dumped poisons, impacting town for years)

Also, check out the video at the top of her article by Eric Seale. Also, check out our trailer for our documentary, CATTLEGATE on our website,
Eventually, I still how to produce a fictional feature film based on many of the events surrounding the PBB poisoning of Michigan. My screenplay for this is entitled, TOO MANY DRUNK COWS.

New Indy Film Store Added to

Over the past several years I’ve received a number of direct email inquiries about purchasing copies of my films. I’ve also noticed the continued interest on YouTube and Google Video in some of my older accomplishments, such as Death & Taxes (the story of Gordon Kahl), my film adaptation of Flannery O’Connor’s Good Country People, Cattlegate (documentary on the Michigan PBB disaster), and The Pigs Vs. The Freaks. ¬†And I should also mention the relatively more recent Postal Worker, starring Brad Garrett (of Everybody Loves Raymond fame) which played on HBO. So I had my web design guy implement a nice straightforward shopping cart for the new site where people can now acquire the work as they wish. It’s brand new, so let us know if you have any problems. Everything is available on DVD, but I also have a limited supply of vintage VHS copies of some titles for the film collectors out there, brand new in the unopened packaging.

As an added touch, and for a nominal extra cost, I’ve decided to offer autographed certificates of authenticity as an option with each film, to guarantee a quality print from the original source file.

This is one of the important ways indy filmmakers like myself recoup the high costs of their craft and help make future films possible. So I hope you’ll stop by and have a look around at the exciting new projects that are in pre and post-production, and maybe even purchase a film or two.