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Phone Calls From The Dead Resurrects Your Reincarnated Roots

Some years ago I wrote a book entitled, DISCOVER YOUR REINCARNATED ROOTS. I recently converted this book into an audio CD, which includes a guided visualization leading the listener into a hypnotic trance allowing them the opportunity to explore their past lives. Look for it in the Taos Land & Film indy film store in the coming weeks.

Now, many of you may be skeptics? Scoffers if you will. Non-believers. But, as I explain in REINCARNATED ROOTS, practical science as reflected in the evolution of cloning shows that a single biological cell holds almost unfathomable amounts of information. Combine that with the notion that we utilize a relatively small portion of our brain capacity then perhaps in the vast oceans of dormant brain cells lurks our biological connection to the Akashic Records.

Ghost Phone movie and Phone Calls from the Dead Phone app Kickstarter campaign coming in October

GHOST PHONE: Phone Calls From the Dead is our evolution further into the exploration of our metaphysical pasts. There’s tons of evidence now emerging through the miracle of the internet, witnessing the existence of this phenomena. Try googling, “time is simultaneous” and see where that leads.

Many years ago I wrote a screenplay entitled, EDISON’S ELECTRICAL ELEPHANT EXPERIMENTS which was inspired by my finding an old news reel from the early 1900s showing Thomas Edison electrocuting an elephant. I was so curious about what the heck Edison was up to, that I started researching what he was doing with this electrocution. I discovered that one of the last inventions Edison was working on at the end of his life was an ASTRAL TELEPHONE.

It turns out Edison was involved with Madame Blavatsky, a renowned spiritualist in the late 1800s & early 1900s. Harry Houdini was also part of this group of famous people migrating around Madame Blavatsky. While this may seem like far-fetched folklore, I remember seeing some of this material reflected within an old episode of THE SIMPSONS, where Homer got involved with the Astral Telephone. I can’t remember all the details of this episode, but for those researchers, it might be an interesting task to track down the Simpson’s episode.

And that brings us back to our current pursuit of the development of a new phone application we call PHONE CALLS FROM THE DEAD. Very simply we will be channeling the wisdom from these historic figures into what might be an oracle type of phone app where people will get a random phone call once or twice a day from a dead person giving the person with the phone app a bit of advice for their day. It’s an app which will hook up the subscriber with a bit of the Akashic Records. Hopefully, we will see what I call a “Serendipity Effect” – a mystical intervention of the universe in our lives through mindful coincidence.

Check out This web site and also this one where you might find additional interesting testimonials regards this phenomenon of receiving PHONE CALLS FROM THE DEAD.

KEEP AN EYE OUT for the upcoming launch of our KickStarter campaign of GHOST PHONE: Phone Calls From the Dead.