THE TAOS LAND LIST: Taos Land on Sale this Week Only w/$5,000 DISCOUNT


Okay, back to Land Sales Info. First let’s just list everything and then I’ll wax poetic about each piece.
1) 8 Acre & 10 Acre Lots. Our most popular area is above the John Dunn Bridge on the westside of the Rio Grande Gorge. It’s a three mile stretch right up against the protected buffer zone of the Historic Rio Grande Gorge National Monument. Prices range from $39,000 to $59,000. Here’s the view from one of our 8 acre Lots which has it’s entire north boundary up against the protected National Monument Land.
Lot A Berner

2) CERRO MONTOSO, is a mountain top we own and is the home of the Taos Talking Pictures Filmmaker’s Colony. I’ll do a more detailed blog on that in a separate listing. But, we have a total of 115 acres left available on top of this beautiful mountain. It’s rugged and tough to get to up the final stretch of about a half mile. We can sell you a 20 acre parcel up there for $39,000. You get to hike around and customize your 20 acres out of the total 115 acres available. Take a look at one of the views below…(it’s impossible to capture all of the various views in one photo.
CM Chiflo Panarama

3) LAMA 11 Acres $78,000…Baba Ram Dass land. We’re got a seasonal spring running across the property in the springtime when we have water in the mountains. Check out the movie OFF THE MAP which was shot up around this land to get a more detailed idea of it’s beauty. For now I’ll paste one photo of Lama below and again I’ll do a more detailed blog in a bitLama Brook

4) SUNSHINE VALLEY 40 Acres…This is our last 40 acres available up against the Rio Grande Gorge on the eastside. The water table is only 90 feet down. More details to follow. Here’s a photo below…
Sunshine Evu MWS

5) CIELITO LINDO 20 to 80 Acres $39,000 to $125,000. This is part of a strawbale home community just up the highway from the Greater World Earthship Community. Eight miles past the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. Here’s a photo below…
Cielito Lindo Sign

6) IN TOWN 1/3 to 3/4 acre Lots. A 1/3 acre lot is $49,000 (Owner Financing $5,000 cash down and $500/month payments). Now we come into town where we have lots on Este Es Road and RubyDu Lane, just down from Rio Grande Ace Hardware. Full utilities at the lot lines. Great Location! And we allow modular homes. Here’s a photo below…
Okay, I’m tired from all this listing stuff, but we have even more. I’ve got a 1/2 acre parcel on the main highway just a 1/4 mile north of the El Prado Post Office behind our Best Price North Storage facility. This would be perfect for someone looking to build a primo office/warehouse facility.
And, I’ve got a 3/4 acre Lot with highway frontage on the main drag to Santa Fe. It’s one mile south of the Ranchos de Taos Post Office and across from the gun/saddle store with the yellow blinking bulbs sign on the highway.
And, one more SPECIAL 40 acres is available above the John Dunn Bridge. We’re asking $129,000 and it has Frontage on the Wild & Scenic River/National Monument land up against the gorge. And, we have a special discount exceeding the $5,000 offer, but you’ve got to be a PLAYER…if you know what I mean…So, here’s the last photo for this blog…
Rd to DunnBridgeEdgell-WS-BigMnt
SO, CALL JEFF @ 575-770-2685

The Legend of Taos Mountain: Mumford & Sons Concert Inspires Taos Land Promotion

They say our little town of Taos is going to be inundated with 8-10,000 Mumford & Sons fans for their concert here in Kit Carson Park on Thursday, June 6th, 2013. We’re getting all excited here, kinda like when Dorothy showed up in the City of Oz. Munchkin’s running around trying to polish everything up for our new-comer friends to town. Many will be here discovering Taos for the first time.
And so, the Taos Land & Film Company is preparing to offer a few of you Taos-bound devotees a chance to Test the Mountain and take root in our community with your very own piece of land in Taos. So, we’re running a blitz of radio ads on KTAO and LUNA 103.7 over a four day period around the Mumford & Son’s Concert. What we’re offering you Taos virgins is an opportunity to buy a piece of land in Taos and receive a $5,000 discount off the parcel of land of your choice. This same offer will also stand for those of you who already live in Taos but haven’t gotten your own piece of land yet.

You can come to Taos to see Mumford & Sons, but The Mountain will decide if you can stay.

So, before I start babbling about each and every piece of land we have for sale and it’s history, I’d like to invite you to listen to our four different radio ads we’re planning to start running on Wednesday and tell us which one you prefer. Your four choices will be AD #1 delivered by local Taos Legend TODD GRAVELLE; AD #2 will be by my daughter RUBY JACKSON; AD #3 will be performed by one of our local thesbians, RITA O’CONNELL, (perhaps best known for her role as the Scare Crow in our recent theatrical version of The Wizard of Oz); and lastly AD #4 delivered by yours truly, JEFF JACKSON.  You can vote here and leave comments either here or on FACEBOOK.

AD #1: Todd Gravelle

AD #2: Ruby Jackson

AD #3: Rita O’Connell

AD #4: Jeff Jackson

The winning ad voice will receive a pizza and the adoration of the community because we’ll give their ad more play time. I was going to include the text for the radio ad, but I think I’ll just have you listen to them, since each one is slightly different. And please help us pass this on via the virility of FACEBOOK and other social media. And, sign up on our BLOG and maybe I’ll babble more on it.

Give THE Christmas Gift of Land In Taos!!!

Christmas is almost here! For those of you who view the holiday season with cynicism towards the corporate powers-to-be that brainwash us into believing we’ve got to buy, buy, buy stuff & give it to everybody as some sort of ritual gift process while at the same time it feels like some sort of human sacrifice to appease the gods of crass commercialism, well let us rebel.

How you may say do I do that? Well, here’s an idea – why not buy a beautiful parcel of land here in Taos as a gift to your entire family. Let me ask you, all those gifts you’ve bought and received over say the last five years—where are they now? Do you remember what they were? Are you utilizing or enjoying them now? I’ll bet if you’re like me you can’t even remember most of those “gifts”.

IMAGINE Giving your wife/hubby & kids 8 or 10 acres up against the RIO GRANDE GORGE (above the John Dunn Bridge). I will even plant a live Christmas tree on it with solar powered lights on it for your surprise gift. If I have to I will even be the bank if at all possible.

NOW IS THE TIME, after all we’re in the middle of an economic depression and the land prices are as low as they can ever get in yours or your kids life times. I WILL HELP YOU FIGURE OUT HOW YOU CAN PULL THIS FANTASTIC GIFT OFF!

Desperation and fear fuels many of us in these difficult economic times. But, I believe the way out of these depressions (both economic and personal) is through positive, optimistic efforts!

Many of you know me and know that I’ve been developing land within Taos County for the past 23+ years. Now is the time to move towards your hopes and dreams. I’m here to help with that…

I have land ranging from:

    • 1/3 & ½ acre lots here in town for small homes or a modular home.

land on Este Es Road in Taos

    • 20 acre & 80 acre lot(s) within Cielito Lindo Community (just above the big Rio Grande Bridge).

land on Arroyo Hondo Mesa above John Dunn Bridge

    • 8 & 10 acre lots within the Dunn-Eagle Community along the Rio Grande Gorge. We can even find a 40 acre lot for you.

land in Dunn-Eagle above Rio Grand Gorge

    • 20 acre lots atop of the small mountain, CERRO MONTOSA, overlooking the Red River merging with the Rio Grande Gorge. Or, you could buy the whole mountain top (115 acres).

mountain land on Cerro Montoso

    • OFF THE MAP (the movie) Land in Lama, 11 acres with A seasonal spring running across the corner of the land. Surrounded by US Forestry protected land.
    • 40 ACRES in SUNSHINE VALLEY. Up against the eastside of the RIO GRANDE GORGE as the end of Sunshine Road. Water is only 85’ down out there. Perfect for organic farming or put your own micro-observatory out there where there is no light pollution and start documenting the UFO traffic. We could go all the way to 580 acres for you out there.
    • 3 ACRES right on the newly paved West Rim Road west of gorge. Pavement clear to town (20 minutes at speed limit). Gated private driveway. Rare recreational easement in perpetuity to the Rio Grand Gorge rim and West Rim Trail. Access to high speed internet. Quality neighborhood.

Footpath entrance to the Rio Grand Gorge from the West Rim Trail

So, give me a call to brainstorm with you on how to change your life in a positive way…

Jeff 575-770-2685

Ghost Phone Calling Coast to Coast – Come in George Noory…

The following is a copy of a letter the Taos Land & Film Company recently sent to George Noory and the Coast to Coast AM team in an effort to get the director Jeff Jackson on the show to discuss his latest film and fundraiser campaign, Phone Calls from the Dead.


“Mr. Noory, you have a call on line one. It’s an odd number, not collect, not long distance. Definitely a bad connec–oh my god, I think it’s from beyond the grave!”

Stories abound about ghost phone phenomena, people receiving phone calls from dead loved ones. Most people, upon receiving a phone call from the dead, would be mortified. Not so for conspiratorial filmmaker Jeff Jackson, whose Taos Land & Film Company (TLFC) team have just completed GHOST PHONE, their epic, four-years-in-the-making feature film inspired by true events in Jackson’s life. Jackson and his ghosts seek a guest appearance on COAST TO COAST AM on or right before Halloween 2012.

Ghost Phone: Phone Calls from the Dead

The TLFC team are launching a revolutionary campaign a week before Halloween to promote the movie GHOST PHONE and fund the development of a unique phone application entitled PHONE CALLS FROM THE DEAD. Apropos to the movie’s theme, the app will be downloaded on an individual’s cell phone and that person will receive daily a random call from a famous dead person providing advice—a kind of Oracle Effect. The Kickstarter contributors will become our beta testing audience for the app’s development. They will be interacting with us, submitting reactions to the various personalities and messages, thus evolving the effectiveness of the Oracle. We are asking for COAST TO COAST’s help in bypassing the Corporatocracy holding back independent artists and thinkers everywhere.


“Nobody believes William Pierce. Not the cops, not the shrinks, not even his own mother. And why should they? You see, Will has a direct hotline to the afterworld: his dead fiancée’s cell phone. Here’s the problem: the dead talk only to him.

In this dark Twilight Zonesque comedy, Will straddles this world and the next, jumping through hurdles to appease those who have crossed over, in an attempt to exonerate himself from a murder charge, prove his sanity, and find closure with his fiancée. Yes, she’s dead, but she’ll go to any lengths to make their relationship work, including asking Will to do the unthinkable: join her on the other side.



Jackson has many reasons to be a target of nondescript agents and black helicopters.

Jackson took on the IRS and other government malfeasance as an investigative reporter for Larry Flynt during Flynt’s trials and tribulations with the federal government. DEATH & TAXES, Jackson’s documentary of tax protester Gordon Kahl, was found in Timothy McVeigh’s vehicle after McVeigh was arrested for the Oklahoma City bombing.

Also for Larry Flynt, Jackson wrote an article entitled, “Are You Legally Sane,” an expose of government which ironically ties into the theme and ending of GHOST PHONE.

Investigative journalists still consult with Jackson regarding CATTLEGATE,
his documentary about the Michigan PBB poisoning, the worst preventable agricultural disaster in the history of the world, and the government cover-up that still sickens people almost 40 years later.

Jackson is an avid lucid dreamer. Discover your Reincarnated Roots, Jackson’s guided visualization to lucid dreaming, has been used by people across the country for decades to connect with their files in the Akashic Records.

With Jackson, no subject is taboo. POSTAL WORKER, Jackson’s dark comedy exploring the roots of violence in the industrial-age workplace, earned widespread acclaim and regular airings on HBO.

Jackson’s work has taken him to violent crime scenes and other haunted locales. He’s no stranger to metaphysical and paranormal experiences in writing and filming.

Much more could be said of the work Jackson has done to uncover the unsettling and upsetting truths that governments and corporations seek to keep hidden from the people. We’ll save that for another show. His work, past and present, is the perfect fodder for the annual Halloween Ghost to Ghost show. We’d love to hear about EVP experiences from COAST TO COAST callers. What else could you expect from the TLFC team living amidst the ley lines and energy vortexes within the Taos Hum. Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.


Jeff Jackson
(575) 770-2685
Darien Fernandez
(575) 779-1478

Thank you,
Darien Fernandez

Phone Calls From The Dead Resurrects Your Reincarnated Roots

Some years ago I wrote a book entitled, DISCOVER YOUR REINCARNATED ROOTS. I recently converted this book into an audio CD, which includes a guided visualization leading the listener into a hypnotic trance allowing them the opportunity to explore their past lives. Look for it in the Taos Land & Film indy film store in the coming weeks.

Now, many of you may be skeptics? Scoffers if you will. Non-believers. But, as I explain in REINCARNATED ROOTS, practical science as reflected in the evolution of cloning shows that a single biological cell holds almost unfathomable amounts of information. Combine that with the notion that we utilize a relatively small portion of our brain capacity then perhaps in the vast oceans of dormant brain cells lurks our biological connection to the Akashic Records.

Ghost Phone movie and Phone Calls from the Dead Phone app Kickstarter campaign coming in October

GHOST PHONE: Phone Calls From the Dead is our evolution further into the exploration of our metaphysical pasts. There’s tons of evidence now emerging through the miracle of the internet, witnessing the existence of this phenomena. Try googling, “time is simultaneous” and see where that leads.

Many years ago I wrote a screenplay entitled, EDISON’S ELECTRICAL ELEPHANT EXPERIMENTS which was inspired by my finding an old news reel from the early 1900s showing Thomas Edison electrocuting an elephant. I was so curious about what the heck Edison was up to, that I started researching what he was doing with this electrocution. I discovered that one of the last inventions Edison was working on at the end of his life was an ASTRAL TELEPHONE.

It turns out Edison was involved with Madame Blavatsky, a renowned spiritualist in the late 1800s & early 1900s. Harry Houdini was also part of this group of famous people migrating around Madame Blavatsky. While this may seem like far-fetched folklore, I remember seeing some of this material reflected within an old episode of THE SIMPSONS, where Homer got involved with the Astral Telephone. I can’t remember all the details of this episode, but for those researchers, it might be an interesting task to track down the Simpson’s episode.

And that brings us back to our current pursuit of the development of a new phone application we call PHONE CALLS FROM THE DEAD. Very simply we will be channeling the wisdom from these historic figures into what might be an oracle type of phone app where people will get a random phone call once or twice a day from a dead person giving the person with the phone app a bit of advice for their day. It’s an app which will hook up the subscriber with a bit of the Akashic Records. Hopefully, we will see what I call a “Serendipity Effect” – a mystical intervention of the universe in our lives through mindful coincidence.

Check out This web site and also this one where you might find additional interesting testimonials regards this phenomenon of receiving PHONE CALLS FROM THE DEAD.

KEEP AN EYE OUT for the upcoming launch of our KickStarter campaign of GHOST PHONE: Phone Calls From the Dead.

GHOST PHONE Movie & Phone App is on the Launch Pad for its KickStarter Campaign.

Ghost Phone movie and Phone Calls from the Dead Phone app Kickstarter campaign coming in October

That’s right, we’re going out into the social media/viral messaging world to raise money to promote our latest film, GHOST PHONE the movie. Five years in the making. Untold human sacrifices. Pain and suffering. I’m cutting my ear off to get this movie out into the world. We’re planning to launch just a week or two prior to Halloween & the Day of the Dead. We’re developing a phone app called Phone Calls from the Dead which when downloaded will allow you to receive one or two phone calls a day from famous dead people giving you advice on your day. It’s a kind of Ghost Phone Oracle combined with a sort of serendipitous cosmic intervention. That’s right, we live in a manic world, where daily we swing up and down emotional/spiritually/financially. And, now we offer you help! Hope! A chance to communicate with your dead grandma.

Let me just say, GHOST PHONE is based on true events! We’re going to be asking all of you to help us spread the word. Some of you may scoff. May be cynical. But, let me tell you a story of when I was ten years old. I lived on Riverside Drive outside of Battle Creek, Michigan. I was a restless, disturbed youth. A chronic criminal, a near professional shoplifter. My fifth grade teacher, Ms. Hicks, told my mother at the end of my 5th grade year, that she should flunk me, but she didn’t want me back at the school again for another year of torture to her. So, I was passed on to Highland Junior High. I was troubled. I was walking in my sleep a lot. The phone rang late one night. I heard it but no one else in my family did. I got up and wandered through our brick ranch style house and answered the phone. An old, old voice crackled through the wires, “Jeffrey? Jeffreyyy.” I froze in the dark, my hand trembled so hard I could hardly keep the receiver up to my ear. “Yesss?” I stuttered.

“Jeffrey, you’ve got to stop stealing!” It’s hard to admit, but I peed my pajama bottoms as I stood there listening to my dead grandmother calling me from the grave. “If you don’t stop stealing and smoking cigarettes you’re going to end up in prison!”

Out of the darkness over my shoulder a hand reached down and jerked the ghost phone out of my hand. It was my mother. She put the receiver up to her ear and all she heard was a dial tone. I was crying now. She put the phone back down on it’s base and guided me back to my bedroom. “Jeff, you’re walking in your sleep again,” she said gently, not wanting to wake me up. But, I was awake and somewhere deep down I knew my grandma had reached out from the other side to set me straight. And from that night forth I never stole another thing and I’ve yet to end up in prison.

Part Two of Detroit Free Press– Living with PBB: Michigan Chemical plant dumped poisons, impacting town for years

It’s hard to believe that the PBB poisoning of the state of Michigan is still going on. Check out the second part of the series in today’s Detroit Free Press. Essentially they’re just now doing the environmental clean-up of the communities saturated with the PBB poison almost 40 years ago. The government continues to drag it’s feet in doing any sort of monitoring of the these contaminations. They basically turn their heads away intentionally from tracking the patterns of cancer epidemics in our culture which could be tracked back to this corporate exploitation of the environment and human health. What we don’t see won’t hurt us they seem to believe. If we just ignore the illnesses and refuse to track down their causes, then it’s just random bad luck if you happen to die of Acute Mylogenous Leukemia at the age of 55 as my sister Jan Burchman did seven years ago in Okemos, Michigan. I would urge you to read both of Robin Erb’s articles from the past two days in the Detroit Free Press (Living with PBB: Michigan Chemical plant dumped poisons, impacting town for years)

Also, check out the video at the top of her article by Eric Seale. Also, check out our trailer for our documentary, CATTLEGATE on our website,
Eventually, I still how to produce a fictional feature film based on many of the events surrounding the PBB poisoning of Michigan. My screenplay for this is entitled, TOO MANY DRUNK COWS.

CATTLEGATE is Coming to You

Recently, I was interviewed by Robin Erb, a public health writer for the Detroit Free Press. She tracked me down through the miracle of the internet because of a documentary I produced a long, long time ago, entitled, CATTLEGATE which is about the PBB Poisoning in the State of Michigan back in the mid-1970s.

Read the first article in it’s entirety here:
Decades later, PBB contamination suspected in illnesses and deaths

My connection to this poisoning is the fact that I grew up in Battle Creek, Michigan and my father, Dr. Ted F. Jackson, was a farm animal veterinarian at the time. He was the person to diagnose PBB as the contaminant in the farm feed and write the first technical article on the PBB Syndrome in contaminated cattle for the American Veterinary Medical (AVMA) Journal. I believe at the time this was the largest agricultural poisoning disaster in the history of the world. Now, I know that sounds a bit extreme, some may say I’m even over-stating it. But, I don’t think I am.

PBB started out as a huge off-the-wall mistake. Polybrominated Biphenyls (PBB) were a newly invented synthetic chemical which was developed to be mixed into plastics to make them fire retardant for use in appliances and such. Coincidentally, at that same time period, dairy farm researchers had discovered that by mixing a magnesium oxide additive into cattle’s dairy feed, they could enhance milk production and fat content in cows. So, a dairy farmer could add this to his feed and essentially make more profit on his diary products. Yes, I know things have changed since then and we now abhor too much fat in our diets, but back then, the rich, creamy flavor of our ice cream was more important than our cholesterol counts.

So, the Michigan Chemical Company just happened to be the company that produced both PBB and Magnesium Oxide additive. Sadly, the two chemicals looked almost identical, white powdery substances. And they were both bagged in 50 pound white sacks. One was labeled “FireMaster” (PBB) and the other was labeled “NutraMaster”. And, apparently the Michigan Chemical Company shipped out the wrong chemical to the Farm Bureau’s main feed plant in Climax, Michigan. And, nobody seemed to catch the name difference. Admittedly they are similar names.

What happened was, PBB got mixed in the cattle feed and ultimately, almost the entire state of Michigan was contaminated. And, while the Detroit Free Press probably won’t say that the Michigan State Government covered up this disaster as a means of flushing the contaminated food products into the food chain, I will.

Now what my father found out through his studies of calves eating the contaminated feed was that PBB was carcinogenic, and genetically mutating on the animals and pretty much destroyed their immune systems, opening the poisoned animal up to an almost infinite variety of physical ailments. And, he found that PBB doesn’t flush out of the animal it gets into. It accumulates in the body fat (they call it ‘bio-accumulation’) and hence my father believed there was no safe level of PBB which could be allowed to go out into the human food chain. But, at the time this disaster began, the automobile industry was struggling, and if the government and the insurance companies took the financial hit of destroying every contaminated animal, they felt that the entire state of Michigan would go bankrupt.

So, the Michigan State Legislature set ‘acceptable’ levels of contamination in the cattle and dairy products. What this did was throw a profound moral dilemma back on the shoulders of the farmers. You see the farmers consumed their own meat and dairy products and they were seeing their families getting sick. But, the government was forcing them to sell their poisoned products to market and if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to pay their FHA Farm Loans and they’d go bankrupt and out of business. It was a bad position to be in.

Eventually, they did destroy quite a few cattle, but it was just the tip of the iceberg. And now almost forty years later the DETROIT FREE PRESS is running a two day series of articles on the human health consequences today. I haven’t read the articles yet, but it should be interesting. Because the predictions forty years ago were that PBB would be haunting the human health population for many generations to come.

So, Sunday September 23, 2012 go to the Detroit Free Press website and see what is revealed. And, if you’d like to see a clip from my documentary, CATTLEGATE, go to our website,

I’ll blog some more about this after I read the articles. They’ll also have some video up on the Detroit Free Press website from current interviews they did with people in Michigan.


In the movie Ghost Phone, starring Melissa Ordway and Nelson Franklin, Amanda (Ordway) teases Will (Franklin) to complete a classic phrase. Complete the phrase yourself to suit your creative fancy and share it with us in a comment!

Please complete the following sentence by commenting on this post:

Parting is such_

New Indy Film Store Added to

Over the past several years I’ve received a number of direct email inquiries about purchasing copies of my films. I’ve also noticed the continued interest on YouTube and Google Video in some of my older accomplishments, such as Death & Taxes (the story of Gordon Kahl), my film adaptation of Flannery O’Connor’s Good Country People, Cattlegate (documentary on the Michigan PBB disaster), and The Pigs Vs. The Freaks.  And I should also mention the relatively more recent Postal Worker, starring Brad Garrett (of Everybody Loves Raymond fame) which played on HBO. So I had my web design guy implement a nice straightforward shopping cart for the new site where people can now acquire the work as they wish. It’s brand new, so let us know if you have any problems. Everything is available on DVD, but I also have a limited supply of vintage VHS copies of some titles for the film collectors out there, brand new in the unopened packaging.

As an added touch, and for a nominal extra cost, I’ve decided to offer autographed certificates of authenticity as an option with each film, to guarantee a quality print from the original source file.

This is one of the important ways indy filmmakers like myself recoup the high costs of their craft and help make future films possible. So I hope you’ll stop by and have a look around at the exciting new projects that are in pre and post-production, and maybe even purchase a film or two.