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Give THE Christmas Gift of Land In Taos!!!

Christmas is almost here! For those of you who view the holiday season with cynicism towards the corporate powers-to-be that brainwash us into believing we’ve got to buy, buy, buy stuff & give it to everybody as some sort of ritual gift process while at the same time it feels like some sort of human sacrifice to appease the gods of crass commercialism, well let us rebel.

How you may say do I do that? Well, here’s an idea – why not buy a beautiful parcel of land here in Taos as a gift to your entire family. Let me ask you, all those gifts you’ve bought and received over say the last five years—where are they now? Do you remember what they were? Are you utilizing or enjoying them now? I’ll bet if you’re like me you can’t even remember most of those “gifts”.

IMAGINE Giving your wife/hubby & kids 8 or 10 acres up against the RIO GRANDE GORGE (above the John Dunn Bridge). I will even plant a live Christmas tree on it with solar powered lights on it for your surprise gift. If I have to I will even be the bank if at all possible.

NOW IS THE TIME, after all we’re in the middle of an economic depression and the land prices are as low as they can ever get in yours or your kids life times. I WILL HELP YOU FIGURE OUT HOW YOU CAN PULL THIS FANTASTIC GIFT OFF!

Desperation and fear fuels many of us in these difficult economic times. But, I believe the way out of these depressions (both economic and personal) is through positive, optimistic efforts!

Many of you know me and know that I’ve been developing land within Taos County for the past 23+ years. Now is the time to move towards your hopes and dreams. I’m here to help with that…

I have land ranging from:

    • 1/3 & ½ acre lots here in town for small homes or a modular home.

land on Este Es Road in Taos

    • 20 acre & 80 acre lot(s) within Cielito Lindo Community (just above the big Rio Grande Bridge).

land on Arroyo Hondo Mesa above John Dunn Bridge

    • 8 & 10 acre lots within the Dunn-Eagle Community along the Rio Grande Gorge. We can even find a 40 acre lot for you.

land in Dunn-Eagle above Rio Grand Gorge

    • 20 acre lots atop of the small mountain, CERRO MONTOSA, overlooking the Red River merging with the Rio Grande Gorge. Or, you could buy the whole mountain top (115 acres).

mountain land on Cerro Montoso

    • OFF THE MAP (the movie) Land in Lama, 11 acres with A seasonal spring running across the corner of the land. Surrounded by US Forestry protected land.
    • 40 ACRES in SUNSHINE VALLEY. Up against the eastside of the RIO GRANDE GORGE as the end of Sunshine Road. Water is only 85’ down out there. Perfect for organic farming or put your own micro-observatory out there where there is no light pollution and start documenting the UFO traffic. We could go all the way to 580 acres for you out there.
    • 3 ACRES right on the newly paved West Rim Road west of gorge. Pavement clear to town (20 minutes at speed limit). Gated private driveway. Rare recreational easement in perpetuity to the Rio Grand Gorge rim and West Rim Trail. Access to high speed internet. Quality neighborhood.

Footpath entrance to the Rio Grand Gorge from the West Rim Trail

So, give me a call to brainstorm with you on how to change your life in a positive way…

Jeff 575-770-2685