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Support Hal Hartley’s MEANWHILE Kickstarter Campaign

So, I’m trying to get my head, my energy into plunging out into the virile world of crowd funding. I’ve decided to move CALLERS up into the first KickStarter Campaign slot, since we need to get it out into the world and market it and get the financial albatross of it off my back. And, in the process of doing that I’ve been looking at Kickstarter Campaigns again, studying them. Trying to get my head around doing a campaign. I came upon Hal Hartley’s MEANWHILE Kickstarter campaign and got inspired by it. I like Hal’s films and of course identify with him as an indy filmmaker. Amazingly enough they hit their $40,000 goal in just 10 days. They’ve still got about 10 days left. So, I made my contribution today, because I want a DVD of his film which looks pretty interesting.

Coming out of the Indy Filmmaking Closet

Damn it! I’m trying to get blogging going. We’re moving towards launching our Kickstarter campaign to fund our next film, EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL IS FAR AWAY. Okay, so we’re trying to make this filmmaking experience interactive. Meaning, we’re letting people both observe and participate in our process of making a movie.  [Speaking of interaction, please vote for your favorite Callers, movie poster, to help us decide.]

Just to let you know, one of my big concerns in life is closing what I call the loop in independent filmmaking. Meaning, I’ve worked for many years making films, both experimental and more traditional feature films and I know how to make movies. I’ve even figured out ways to fund my own films through developing land in Taos, NM. But, to be truthful I haven’t found a way to consistently get  Read the rest of this entry

Jeff Co-Hosting on “Breakfast With Nancy”‘s KVOT Radio Show

I warned Nancy when she asked me if I wanted to try co-hosting on her radio show a couple times a month, that she should be careful of what she’s asking for. I’m going to give it a try this coming Tuesday @ 9:15am on KVOT (1340 AM in Taos)
[Breakfast with Nancy, KVOT].

I have no idea what we’ll be talking about, but hopefully spontaneity is my game. Nancy had asked me to send her some ideas and of course I woke up the next morning with a list that bordered on insanity. There were enough ideas in it to cover about a year of radio shows. Luckily she didn’t boot me after that first email and said, let’s just go with what’s happening. I’m hoping we might talk about the KickStarter fundraising revolution which I’m about to embark on and I think might be of interest to a lot of the artists in Taos. Also, because Nancy is so active on the political/economic revolution, I’m thinking I might bring up what I call the “Chicken Little Syndrome” and how do you overcome it.